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When you think of knowledge, you might think of an IT specialist, a consultant, or a professor as a representative of it, but the truth is, we all have certain knowledge - not necessarily based on our work and study experience.

See, we might be traveling a lot. Or have just created a job for ourselves, or maybe lived through a mental illness like depression. Either way, we've gained some specific knowledge. And that knowledge is highly valuable for someone who's just about to plan their first trip, is looking for a career change, or going through a hard period.

HumansApp is a platform for such people to connect, share knowledge, and learn simultaneously, no matter what the field is.

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Jolita VaitkutėUtilizing Everyday Objects for Art
Paulius AmbrazevičiusComedian by Day, Writer/Translator by Night
Airinė PalšytėHigh Jumper, Professional Athlete @ Nike
Beata TiškevičCo-founder of Nebegėda & Influencer of Self Care
Žygimantas KudirkaArtist, Writer, Advertising Creative

An opportunity for a selfless act!

HumansApp is not just an unprecedented platform for knowledge sharing. There is a lot more to it. Of course, knowledge is important, but we believe that some of us need a little extra help that comes in the shape of money. That's why we created an option for all Open Humans to donate all or a portion of the money earned to a charity of their choice.

A lot of Open Humans on our app aren't really looking to earn extra cash, as they usually have full-time jobs already. They come here to share their knowledge with those that wouldn't otherwise have access to it, and that's why they are willing to share their additional earnings, too.

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HumansApp meet stories

Eimantas NorkūnasCo-founder of Mailerlite
Mark Adam HaroldCity Council Member
Danielius VisockasFull Stack Developer
Justinas KatkusCEO & Head of Product Design at Factobotics
Evelina StundžienėTravel, Communications, & Having a Good Time Guru
Simona TrilikauskaitėProducer / / Sports lover
Domas VoroneckasFinance Expert & Excel Guru
Markas ZbarskisSenior IT Advisor

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