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Jolita Vaitkutė Utilizing Everyday Objects for Art
Paulius Ambrazevičius Comedian by Day, Writer/Translator by Night
Airinė Palšytė High Jumper, Professional Athlete @ Nike
Beata Tiškevič Co-founder of Nebegėda & Influencer of Self Care
Žygimantas Kudirka Artist, Writer, Advertising Creative

Access knowledge

HumansApp gives access to Open Humans of different backgrounds, willing to share their lifetime learnings with Curious Humans who are seeking to acquire new knowledge.

Meet to bounce business ideas off someone, exchange views on favorite movies, or even get some advice on what to do next with your life that you simply can’t google.

Share learnings

You are interesting. One of the underpinning ideas here at HumansApp is that everyone has a story to tell. You are interesting! Share your knowledge. It can be both: professional and personal.

Fill in your profile, choose the topics of your expertise and lifetime learnings, and suggest a meeting option. Coffee shop or perhaps a walk in a park? It’s all up to you.

Community support

With HumansApp, each Open Human can become a philanthropist with one click only.

Open Humans who are not after extra cash, but like the idea of meeting interesting humans and share their knowledge, are free to channel the desired proportion of their rewards to a non-profit organization of their choice.

HumansApp meet stories

Eimantas Norkūnas Co-founder of Mailerlite
Mark Adam Harold City Council Member
Danielius Visockas Full Stack Developer
Justinas Katkus CEO & Head of Product Design at Factobotics
Evelina Stundžienė Travel, Communications, & Having a Good Time Guru
Simona Trilikauskaitė Producer / / Sports lover
Domas Voroneckas Finance Expert & Excel Guru
Markas Zbarskis Senior IT Advisor

Community for humans to share life learnings & knowledge

HumansApp helps people from different backgrounds to meet in real life and benefit from it. Purchase an in-person chat with anyone you choose or get rewarded for sharing your own knowledge.

Discover hundreds of fascinating personalities: from scientists, entrepreneurs to music stars – there are so many people with valuable insights to share. In need of business tips, vacation hints, or advice on how to raise twins? With HumansApp, you can access someone’s lifetime experience in minutes.

Justas Janauskas Co-founder of HumansApp & Vinted
Robertas Kalinkinas Fashion Designer and Art Director
Deivydas Praspaliauskas Twice Acclaimed as Lithuania's Best Chef
Laura Vagonė Wedding planner

You are interesting!

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Choose the topics you want to share, come up with some suggestions for a meet, and become an Open Human willing to share your learnings. You can be creative, offering to talk while walking a dog, or just meet for a cup of coffee. After you complete your profile, it is time for us to approve it. Once approved, a congratulatory message will appear in your ‘Profile’ section indicating that you've become an Open Human.

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