Friendships are not found. They are built.

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ConnectWith strangers, or in other words - your potential friends
BuildDo what friends do - talk, laugh, share interests, achievements and fears
CultivateMaintain your freshly-built friendships by chating, calling or meeting your buddies in real life
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Not for dating

There are plenty of dating apps – this is not one of them. Humans gather here to find friends and build new friendships.

Likeminded humans

Similar interests, hobbies or views are important in valuable friendships. Match with those, who are passionate about the same things you are.

Bond with others

Build your new friendships one step a time. With our fun app features, you’ll never get stuck on the same topic.

Meet in real life

Start inside the app and go outside when you’re ready – have conversations face to face with humans in your local area.
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