Humans you’ll like. Humans like you.

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ConnectWith strangers, or in other words - your potential friends
BuildDo what friends do - talk, laugh, share interests, achievements and fears
CultivateMaintain your freshly-built friendships by chating, calling or meeting your buddies in real life

Not for dating

Built for conversations, not dating. Our shared interests bring us together, to learn, think and explore - not always for love.

Useful conversations

First you choose a topic, then we show you matches... Conversations with direction have a purpose, which makes them useful.

Likeminded people

We match you with people who want to talk about the same thing you do... Kindred spirits, fellow enthusiasts, likeminded people.

Learning, thinking and exploring

Life is full of unknowns, and making the unknown known is such a joy. Learning, thinking and exploring are best when shared.
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